NOV-14 | Two of our projects, DYV-NET and F.R.A , featured in Russia's Tall Buildings Magazine 4/14
Article: The Innovative architecture - FORWARD THINKING ARCHITECTURE

OCT-14 | Javier F.Ponce named Juror of the International competition "Under the Bridge", Yaroslavl, Russia

OCT-14 | ITER Building featured in Future Arquitecturas 43 -44

SEPT-14 | F.R.A project in Estonian financial newspaper Äripäev

SEP-14 | FORWARD THINKING ARCHITECTURE talks with Australia ABC Radio "Pacific Beat program" about the Floating Farms Concept

AUG-14 | RADIUSPOT project:
Inspired by nature formations, we recently proposed a Modular structure which creates a new city meeting spot and transforms its physical morphology according to the required function.

AUG-14 | OAXIS project to improve food security in desert and arid areas

AUG-14 | Javier F.Ponce interviewed in USA msnbc television

......."Farming in the middle of the ocean?
The U.S. has over 400 million acres of farmland; however, there are other countries that have limited space to farm. Javier Ponce, one of the architects behind “floating farms” explains the idea behind growing fresh fruits and vegetables in the middle of the oceans for countries with limited farm land."

JUL-14 | Advances in the Leaves Performative Walls for Barcelona project development

APR-14 | F.R.A project Third Award winner of Re-thinking the Future RTF Awards 2014, New Delhi , India
Award Category: Urban Design-Smart City Award

DEC-13 | We have won Spartacus Alive international competition for a Museum / Multifunctional building in Yaroslavl, Russia.The project will not only fulfill the program requirements but transform its roof into a new public space for the city.